AAF23FamilyShe who must not be named:

Written By: Kitten - May• 21•12

You no longer have20120722-121007.jpg control over me. You can not make me feel bad about myself. You can not make me feel inferior to you. I am in control of my life. You are a sad woman who is bitter about life and wants everyone around them to be bitter too. But I am not. For most of my life, I lived in your shadow. I was never good enough. No matter what I did, you did it better. But, that part of my life is over. I am no longer a door mat. I pity you. I pity that you are so unhappy with your life, you have to know every move I make. I blocked you from contacting me and you tried to go through my daughter or my sister. When that didnt work, you tried to go through my mother. How low will you go? You cant go thru my son, you are blocked from him. You want to be the center of everyones world, but you are not. You are alienating everyone in our family. You are going to die alone. You will have no one to blame but yourself. You will be on your death bed and reach for us and we will not be there. It will be all on you. The cousins choose to be happy and that choice means life without you. From this moment on, I will not waste time worrying or thinking about you. You are a stranger to me. A parent can’t disown an adopted child. But an adopted child can disown a sibling. You have said so many times, I am not your sister. I am your niece. Well, I am going one step further. I am not your niece. I am a stranger. I dont know you, you dont know me. We will both be happier if that is the way it is.


A stranger. (13786)

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  1. Dolly says:

    Short, sweet, to the point, FRlae-xEctEy as information should be!

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