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Written By: Kitten - Feb• 06•13

Valentines20130206-161357.jpg day is coming. For many years I always said bah humbug. Feb 14 was just a day for suckers. I didn’t believe in love. Thought it was just a ruse from hallmark to sell things. But getting back with my sweet baby has shown me the other side and has made me a believer. So here are some suggestions to show the woman or man in your life that you care.

  1. Say I love you. Not because you have to. But because you mean it. So many times, this phrase is tossed around. It took me a long time to be able to say it to Jeff. I hadn’t said it or felt it in years. Love is a special word and should be treated special.
  2. Random texts. First thing in the morning last thing at night. Let her know she is the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night.
  3. Listen to her. Don’t just hear what she has to say. Actually listen and remember. It is extremely sexy and remarkable when Jeff remembers something I said not just days ago. But even months and years.
  4. Follow small clues about what makes her happy. If she likes roses, get her a random rose from a gas station. She likes teddy bears and you run across some simple little ceramic bear at Salvation Army. By picking up things like that, shows her you think of her often.
  5. Be friends with her family. One of the most romantic things my baby has ever done was send a hannakah card to a jewish family member. I didn’t ask him to. He just did.
  6. Sneak and become friends with her boss and arrange to get her some days off so you can spedpnd time together.
  7. Suprise visits.
  8. Love her kids.
  9. Tolerate her sentimental Attachment to her childhood things. And actually tell her it’s ok to hang on to some things. Don’t ask her to get rid of things, even if you think they are junk and useless. If she’s says they are special and she remembers certain things involving them, just say ok. They’re a keeper.
  10. Cuddle her, stroke her hair, massage her feat, massage her neck and shoulders, paint her nails.
  11. Help with housework. Doing laundry together, washing dishes together. It makes housework less of a chore.
  12. Don’t make her feel stupid if she doesn’t know how to do something or does it different than you are used too.
  13. Kiss her in public. Hold hands. Let the world know she’s yours.
  14. Buy her something just because, not because its Christmas or her birthday. But just because you saw it and thought of her.
  15. Send her random I love you and I’m thinking of you and I miss you cards and notes


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