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Written By: Kitten - Sep• 02•13

I have20130903-010310.jpg been on both sides of the counter when it comes to fast food service. If you look back you will find at least two rants about customers of fast food. So I guess you could call thesis rant 3.

Why do people insist on looking down on fast food workers? If it wasn’t for us lowly uneducated mass Reproducing morons, you would have to actually use your kitchen. Here are some blatant lies I’ve heard and been told about fast food workers.

  • Fast food workers are uneducated. WRONG. Nearly every single person that I work with has graduated high school. Most are currently attending college.
  • Fast food workers have no goals and flipping hamburgers are all they can achieve. WRONG currently I know of workers studying nursing, mechanical engineering, education, and mathematics.
  • Fast food workers are lazy. WRONG. We are so lazy that we work 40+ hours a week.
  • Fast food workers are all school kids. WRONG who do you think works when kids are in school?
  • Fast food work is easy and not stressful. WRONG dealing with ignorant asses all day is very stressful

People seem to look down at fast food workers. They think they are better then them. Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but you ain’t no better than me.

A few suggestions that would put a smile on your favorite fast food workers face…

  • Smile and say please and thank you.
  • Clean up after yourselves and especially after your children.
  • Push your chairs back under the table
  • If the restaurant runs out of something, don’t jump down their throat. It’s not their fault.
  • Know the stores serving hours. If the restaurant stops serving breakfast at 10:30, don’t come in at 10:45 and get pissy cause you are too late.
  • Don’t let your children run all over the restaurant like its a playground. News flash-it’s not.
  • Don’t take more napkins, straws, condiments then you really need.


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