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    • Lay the blame where it should be

      Lay the blame where it should be

      2172 days ago
      Here lately I've been seeing people blaming others for the choices they make. They just want an excuse to act like an ass and blame someone else. As Judge Joe Brown says "man up" stand tall and face your 20120714-222416.jpg consequences or be a freaking baby and bitch and whine how someone else made you do something. Yes, there may be a few that join your bandwagon to blame another. But they are just as pathetic as you are. Everyone else just sees you and your choices and your actions as a pathetic attempt to bring others down. These bridges you are burning are going to come back to bite you in the ass. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day you will grow up and realize the only one to blame for your disastrous life is you.
    • Geez,  it’s just chicken

      Geez, it’s just chicken

      2153 days ago
      Okay, 20120802-123452.jpgfor those of you who spent today under a rock and didn't know. Today was chic fil a appreciation day. Why are we appreciating a fast food restaurant? Because they feed the poor for free? Because they give money to the schools? No. We appreciate them because a person in leadership has made a statement that marriage is between a man and woman. Ok. Let me get this straight. Straight Christian people flocked to chick fil a all over the country to announce they agree with it. Ok. So if Ronald McDonald went on tv and said he has been involved in a romantic relationship with the burger king, would all straight Christians then boycott those restaurants? If Wendy and auntie Ann run away to a state where same sex marriage is recognized, will they then boycott those? This restaurant has always been…
    • Sullivan North High School

      Sullivan North High School

      1920 days ago
      I have talked to a few different people who have come into work and others that I have just run into out in public. Some I know, but most I don't. Here are a few things I just neas to say.  
      • Yes, I know all this might be in vain. Yes I know that the board will do what the want to do. But, even if I fail in my journey, I will be able to look the kids of bloomingdale in the face and tell them I tried my best.
      • I'm so sick of the north bashing. I don't give a flying flip that you think south/db or whatever is better. I don't give a flying flip that you think north sucks. I don't care about your opinion about north at all. OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES. EVERYONE HAS ONE AND…
    • ADHD and other unseen special needs

      ADHD and other unseen special needs

      1776 days ago
      I haven't20130814-234210.jpg gotten on my soap box in a while, and it's time to get this off my chest. I am sick and tired of people saying that ADHD doesn't exist and that parents are just lazy and want to dope their kids up so they will be quiet. My son has ADHD and is on medication and has been since he was 4. Could a doped up zombie win Mr. Touchdown awards several times in pee wee football? Could a doped up zombie take his baseball team to state? And more recently, cold a doped up zombie win Most Raider Pride for the senior superlatives? The answer is no. Heck, sometimes on medication I wish he would calm down. I don't even want to think of him off it. I have been told that discipline will straighten him out. I have read…
    • Vent time!!

      Vent time!!

      1757 days ago
      I have20130903-010310.jpg been on both sides of the counter when it comes to fast food service. If you look back you will find at least two rants about customers of fast food. So I guess you could call thesis rant 3. Why do people insist on looking down on fast food workers? If it wasn't for us lowly uneducated mass Reproducing morons, you would have to actually use your kitchen. Here are some blatant lies I've heard and been told about fast food workers.
      • Fast food workers are uneducated. WRONG. Nearly every single person that I work with has graduated high school. Most are currently attending college.
      • Fast food workers have no goals and flipping hamburgers are all they can achieve. WRONG currently I know of workers studying nursing, mechanical engineering, education, and mathematics.
      • Fast food workers are lazy. WRONG. We are so lazy that we…

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