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    • How are you raising your daughter?

      How are you raising your daughter?

      2398 days ago
      Earlier this week20120723-213225.jpg I witnessed a girl around my daughters age, act as though she was too weak to empty a mop bucket and convinced a guy to dump it for her. A short time later, this same girl tried to play the weakling card with me and I wouldn't do it for her. I made her do it herself. So my question is, how are you raising your daughter? Do you teach her to be strong and independent? or do you teach her to be submissive and needing a male for her to feel complete? I have seen so many teenage and adult women spiral into a depression because their boyfriend broke up with them. They feel they can't go on without being some guys arm candy.
    • Loud and proud or quiet and silent

      Loud and proud or quiet and silent

      2323 days ago
      I just don't20121006-213644.jpg get it. I am tired of fair weathered fans. As long as a team is winning and doing spectacular things on the field, the fans are whooping it up and cheering. But should the team be behind or not doing spectacular things, the fans are just sitting there not paying attention to what's going on the field. HELLO! did you pay 4-6 bucks a person, to sit there with your thumb up your ass? Why pay money and not watch the game? Ever since I was in high school I have gone to games to actually watch the games. There are many times, that I am the only one yelling for the boys and trying to keep them pumped up. When the boys are waving their arms trying to get a reaction from the crowd, and maybe 10 people in…
    • Quit complaining!!!!!

      Quit complaining!!!!!

      2201 days ago
      I am sick20130205-102537.jpg and tired of seeing people bitch about hating to go to work. Consider yourself lucky. You don't like your job, let me know and I will be happy to take your place. You have a job. No matter the pay, you are able to put gas in your car and food on your table. Don't like it, QUIT and let someone else that will appreciate having a job, have yours. Just shut the hell up already. It's really irritating seeing someone say " my boss made me mop the floors" or "I want to quit" just do it already so that someone who wants a job can get it.
    • Quitcha Bitchin already

      Quitcha Bitchin already

      2375 days ago
      Well once again20120815-184208.jpg my Facebook news feed is full of bitching and complaining. Some of it I can understand, but a lot of it is stupid. I have seen over and over posts about people bitching about their kids being in the same building as 17 and 18 yr olds. Well as a mother of a 17 yr old and personally know many of the juniors and seniors since they were playing pee wee football. I can assure you that my son and his friends won't want to be bothered with your child. The only 6th grader my son associates with is the only 6th grader that is playing on the school team. Do you really think the high schoolers are happy to have little kids in their building? No! My son informed me today that because of the little kids, they no…
    • Another work rant….

      Another work rant….

      2264 days ago
      Ok, there's20121204-181146.jpg this guy that comes into work. He can't stand me. Why can he not stand me? Because I won't give him anything free. He always wears a religious short and hat and basically tells us that we are going to hell because we wont give him anything free. Just the other day he came in and I was working counter. He went to the end of the counter and asked my coworker when did I get off. My co worker said he didn't know and that he thought I was there all day (which i was) the guy then mumbled something and left. Today he came in and i asked a coworker to wait on him. I stayed away, but then my coworker had to answer drive thru, so I had to go to wait on this guy. He then asks…

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