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    • Unexpected meeting

      Unexpected meeting

      1714 days ago
      I talked to someone tonight. Actually 2 people. I haven't seen  in over 2 years. Since I lost my coaching position. They asked me why I wasn't coaching, so I proceeded to tell them "I am not a good role model for little girls, because I wanted to be happy and got a divorce" they looked at me with this dumbfounded look. The man asked "but your ex is still involved in this league, isn't he?" I said yes, good old double standard. This person has been around sports for many years. Not just rec league but high school and college as well. And to hear him say "well thats just stupid"  meant a lot. I do miss coaching. And I miss my girls. Meghan is going to see about coaching softball and asked if I would help her. I…
    • Geez,  it’s just chicken

      Geez, it’s just chicken

      1905 days ago
      Okay, 20120802-123452.jpgfor those of you who spent today under a rock and didn't know. Today was chic fil a appreciation day. Why are we appreciating a fast food restaurant? Because they feed the poor for free? Because they give money to the schools? No. We appreciate them because a person in leadership has made a statement that marriage is between a man and woman. Ok. Let me get this straight. Straight Christian people flocked to chick fil a all over the country to announce they agree with it. Ok. So if Ronald McDonald went on tv and said he has been involved in a romantic relationship with the burger king, would all straight Christians then boycott those restaurants? If Wendy and auntie Ann run away to a state where same sex marriage is recognized, will they then boycott those? This restaurant has always been…
    • Why rush it?

      Why rush it?

      1605 days ago
      Ok, I am in20130529-084937.jpg contact with young men and women nearly every day and there is something I have noticed that is driving me crazy. It's a 4 letter word that it seems many young people can't live without. LOVE. I see people saying they love someone after just a few weeks or months. You can't know someone well enough to love them after such a short time. Love is like a replicating cell. It grows over time. It doesn't just grow to full sizes love overnight. It grows with time. And maturity. As a teenager or young adult you may think you are in love with him. But what you are in love with are the feelings that you get from him. Happy, horny, whatever. It takes time to learn someone. Why rush it? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Enjoy…
    • Job interview do’s and don’ts

      Job interview do’s and don’ts

      1707 days ago
      I recently20130216-222758.jpg went on my first job interview in several years. My interviewer mentioned several things that impressed him and were instrumental in me getting the job. Here they are.
      1. Be early. My dad was a navy man. He instilled in me the idea "if you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, You're late. If you're late, you're fired" the interviewers said he was impressed that I was early.
      2. Dress appropriately for an interview. No sweat pants, jeans, t shirts or other casual clothes. Dress to impress. Shower and wear clean clothes and shoes. Do not smoke before your interview. The interviewer mentioned interviewing a woman who reeked of cigarette smoke.
      3. Do not chew gum or have anything in your mouth.
      4. Be ready to answer any and all questions about your former job.
      5. Another thing the interviewer said impressed him, was the fact that in the…
    • Gettin on da soap box again

      Gettin on da soap box again

      1261 days ago
      Up on my soap box. 20140509-001402.jpgMaybe it was the busy day I had or maybe it was the heat, but several things today have irritated me. 1- ok, I know the 300 girls kidnapped from whatever country and being held in whatever country is terrible. But what about the thousands of boys and girls that are missing from the United States? What about the women who are forced into prostitution by pimps? Where's the band wagon for them? 2-people on Facebook- "I will be deleting the next person who sends me a game request" BLOCK EACH AND EVERY GAME AND YOU WONT GET ANY MORE REQUESTS FROM THAT GAME. It won't stop them all, but it will cut it down drastically and you can just keep blocking those games instead of bitching about it. 3-I'm deleting my facebook because I'm tired of all the drama. You…

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