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    • Why the hurry?

      Why the hurry?

      1872 days ago
      I was20130105-211138.jpg talking with a young friend of mine today. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend because she was joining the military. He asked my opinion of his decision. I told him to have fun being a young adult. I got married at 20 and started a family at 21. I didn't really get to experience life til now. I told him to go to college, work and have fun without the pressure of being a boyfriend or husband. Date different people and not making the decision to get serious. I see so many young adults following the same path I traveled. Hurrying up and getting married and/or starting a family straight out of high school. And then within a year or so, their marriage/relationship falls apart and they are left raising a child on their own. I…
    • Why rush it?

      Why rush it?

      1729 days ago
      Ok, I am in20130529-084937.jpg contact with young men and women nearly every day and there is something I have noticed that is driving me crazy. It's a 4 letter word that it seems many young people can't live without. LOVE. I see people saying they love someone after just a few weeks or months. You can't know someone well enough to love them after such a short time. Love is like a replicating cell. It grows over time. It doesn't just grow to full sizes love overnight. It grows with time. And maturity. As a teenager or young adult you may think you are in love with him. But what you are in love with are the feelings that you get from him. Happy, horny, whatever. It takes time to learn someone. Why rush it? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Enjoy…
    • Sullivan North High School

      Sullivan North High School

      1795 days ago
      I have talked to a few different people who have come into work and others that I have just run into out in public. Some I know, but most I don't. Here are a few things I just neas to say.  
      • Yes, I know all this might be in vain. Yes I know that the board will do what the want to do. But, even if I fail in my journey, I will be able to look the kids of bloomingdale in the face and tell them I tried my best.
      • I'm so sick of the north bashing. I don't give a flying flip that you think south/db or whatever is better. I don't give a flying flip that you think north sucks. I don't care about your opinion about north at all. OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES. EVERYONE HAS ONE AND…
    • Willing to fight

      Willing to fight

      1815 days ago
      Tomorrow is a school20130303-201228.jpg board meeting. they plan on discussing school consolidations. We can't sit back and let them move our kids across town and combine them with another school. Our high school kids have earned the right to be at their school. The ones that play sports have earned their position. If you move them, the north kids won't have a snowball chance in hell of being able to play in place of a south athlete. Is sullivan countyy going to reimburse those of us that have already purchased class rings and letter jackets with sullivan north on them? We as parents and as a community have got to stick together and fight for our kids. If you sit back and don't go to the meeting, then you have absolutely nothing to complain about. If you aren't willing to fight, and just want…
    • You don’t know who to trust

      You don’t know who to trust

      1984 days ago
      Karma20120916-222131.jpg Rant 1-i hate snitches and spies. People who are acting like they are your friend and instead they are just takin notes to tattle to others.And if they don't have anything to tattle, they make shit up!!! I mean, come on. Is this elementary school? Just because someone is more loved than you, you have to try to destroy their lives? It's gotten to the point where a few select few are keeping everything amongst themselves, because we don't know who is running their mouths but people are finding out things that they shouldn't have found out. Not only that lies are being told about things that never happened. I have found out that I supposedly said things about a friend that I didn't. Luckily, that friend believes me that I didn't say any of those things. But you know what? Karmas a…

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