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    • Fast food rant #387582

      Fast food rant #387582

      1764 days ago
      Another fast food rant:20140525-154704-56824212.jpg -if you don't know what you want, stand back and let others order, instead of holding up the line. Decide before you get in line. Don't stand there yakking and wait to decide when you get to the register. -if you don't know what you want, come inside. Don't hold up the drive thru Lane trying to decide. It's called a drive thru. Not a drive, sit for ten minutes and then order. -if you order everything fresh, don't get pissy cause you have to wait on us to cook it. -don't complain to me about the price. I don't set them and have no control over them. -if your child can not behave and insists on running around the restaurant disturbing other guests, do everyone a favor. Keep them home or teach them how to behave in public. -if you drive a diesel using…
    • Why the hurry?

      Why the hurry?

      2266 days ago
      I was20130105-211138.jpg talking with a young friend of mine today. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend because she was joining the military. He asked my opinion of his decision. I told him to have fun being a young adult. I got married at 20 and started a family at 21. I didn't really get to experience life til now. I told him to go to college, work and have fun without the pressure of being a boyfriend or husband. Date different people and not making the decision to get serious. I see so many young adults following the same path I traveled. Hurrying up and getting married and/or starting a family straight out of high school. And then within a year or so, their marriage/relationship falls apart and they are left raising a child on their own. I…
    • How to tell a true blue from a fake friend

      How to tell a true blue from a fake friend

      2447 days ago
      A true blue asks20120709-004745.jpg what they can do for you A fake asks what you can do for them A true blue will come to your aid no matter the time A fake says if they have time they will A true blue is concerned about you and your family A fake is concerned only with themself A true blue knows your childrens names, ages, grades and what they like A fake asks "You have kids?" 20120709-005653.jpgA true blue is happy for your success A fake is jealous of you A true blue will help you in your goal A fake plots against you A true blue tells you what you need to hear A fake tells you what they want you to know A true blue wipes away your tears A fake is the reason for your tears WHICH ARE YOU?
    • School rezoning and consolidation meeting

      School rezoning and consolidation meeting

      2208 days ago
      Tonight I went to20130305-102740.jpg a meeting of the sullivan north school board. Last week, we learned that once again, our school was on the chopping block. Just like it is every year. Nothing was voted on tonight. Here are the next meetings that all parents need to attend. Please note that bloomingdale member Todd Broughton was the only member of the board to speak up. And twice made Yennie speechless
      Issues that parents, students and teachers brought up.
      • Transportation. Students being bussed from one side of town to the other. The extra cost for busses and gas has not been addressed. Children and parents having…
    • Quit complaining!!!!!

      Quit complaining!!!!!

      2236 days ago
      I am sick20130205-102537.jpg and tired of seeing people bitch about hating to go to work. Consider yourself lucky. You don't like your job, let me know and I will be happy to take your place. You have a job. No matter the pay, you are able to put gas in your car and food on your table. Don't like it, QUIT and let someone else that will appreciate having a job, have yours. Just shut the hell up already. It's really irritating seeing someone say " my boss made me mop the floors" or "I want to quit" just do it already so that someone who wants a job can get it.

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