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    • Some people need a high five….to the face…with a 2 x 4!

      Some people need a high five….to the face…with a 2 x 4!

      2030 days ago
      A few things that20120722-115306.jpg piss me off and irritate the hell out of me almost on a daily basis.
    • Rude people-Its not my fault we dont carry the same kind of donut that they carry in Bismarck North Dakota! We are a franchise!
    • Perverts-There is no need to stare at my boobs or butt. They dont belong to you and you will never see them. Also, dont think I enjoy your stupid comments about them either.
    • Dumb Asses-If you ask a stupid question, be prepared for a stupid answer. ((Do you sell donuts? Do you sell coffee)) those are 2 of our most insane questions.
    • Morons-people that take 5 minutes at the drive thru speaker to order a donut
    • OMG if I hear "I want it made like they do at Starbucks/McDonalds" I will freaking lose it!! We arent them, I dont drink their drinks, I dont know…
  • Can’t we all just get along

    Can’t we all just get along

    1968 days ago
    With all the20120726-145451.jpg talk about supporting Chik filet or not supporting, I gotta throw my 2 cents worth in. Who is anyone to judge others about who they go to bed with or who they decide to spend the rest of their lives with? I do believe it says in the bible "Judge not, lest ye be judged" I dont care if you are black, white, gay, straight, male, female, american or muslim. You be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If i didnt associate with people just because I dont agree with their lifestyle, I would have lost out on many close friendships. I have several people who I have known since I was 8 years old that are involved with people of the same sex. I couldnt ask for better friends. They have been there for me thru alot of…
  • Unexpected meeting

    Unexpected meeting

    1771 days ago
    I talked to someone tonight. Actually 2 people. I haven't seen  in over 2 years. Since I lost my coaching position. They asked me why I wasn't coaching, so I proceeded to tell them "I am not a good role model for little girls, because I wanted to be happy and got a divorce" they looked at me with this dumbfounded look. The man asked "but your ex is still involved in this league, isn't he?" I said yes, good old double standard. This person has been around sports for many years. Not just rec league but high school and college as well. And to hear him say "well thats just stupid"  meant a lot. I do miss coaching. And I miss my girls. Meghan is going to see about coaching softball and asked if I would help her. I…
  • School rezoning and consolidation meeting

    School rezoning and consolidation meeting

    1747 days ago
    Tonight I went to20130305-102740.jpg a meeting of the sullivan north school board. Last week, we learned that once again, our school was on the chopping block. Just like it is every year. Nothing was voted on tonight. Here are the next meetings that all parents need to attend. Please note that bloomingdale member Todd Broughton was the only member of the board to speak up. And twice made Yennie speechless
    Issues that parents, students and teachers brought up.
    • Transportation. Students being bussed from one side of town to the other. The extra cost for busses and gas has not been addressed. Children and parents having…
  • How are you raising your daughter?

    How are you raising your daughter?

    1972 days ago
    Earlier this week20120723-213225.jpg I witnessed a girl around my daughters age, act as though she was too weak to empty a mop bucket and convinced a guy to dump it for her. A short time later, this same girl tried to play the weakling card with me and I wouldn't do it for her. I made her do it herself. So my question is, how are you raising your daughter? Do you teach her to be strong and independent? or do you teach her to be submissive and needing a male for her to feel complete? I have seen so many teenage and adult women spiral into a depression because their boyfriend broke up with them. They feel they can't go on without being some guys arm candy.

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