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    • Fast food rant #387582

      Fast food rant #387582

      1432 days ago
      Another fast food rant:20140525-154704-56824212.jpg -if you don't know what you want, stand back and let others order, instead of holding up the line. Decide before you get in line. Don't stand there yakking and wait to decide when you get to the register. -if you don't know what you want, come inside. Don't hold up the drive thru Lane trying to decide. It's called a drive thru. Not a drive, sit for ten minutes and then order. -if you order everything fresh, don't get pissy cause you have to wait on us to cook it. -don't complain to me about the price. I don't set them and have no control over them. -if your child can not behave and insists on running around the restaurant disturbing other guests, do everyone a favor. Keep them home or teach them how to behave in public. -if you drive a diesel using…
    • Loud and proud or quiet and silent

      Loud and proud or quiet and silent

      2025 days ago
      I just don't20121006-213644.jpg get it. I am tired of fair weathered fans. As long as a team is winning and doing spectacular things on the field, the fans are whooping it up and cheering. But should the team be behind or not doing spectacular things, the fans are just sitting there not paying attention to what's going on the field. HELLO! did you pay 4-6 bucks a person, to sit there with your thumb up your ass? Why pay money and not watch the game? Ever since I was in high school I have gone to games to actually watch the games. There are many times, that I am the only one yelling for the boys and trying to keep them pumped up. When the boys are waving their arms trying to get a reaction from the crowd, and maybe 10 people in…
    • Lay the blame where it should be

      Lay the blame where it should be

      2109 days ago
      Here lately I've been seeing people blaming others for the choices they make. They just want an excuse to act like an ass and blame someone else. As Judge Joe Brown says "man up" stand tall and face your 20120714-222416.jpg consequences or be a freaking baby and bitch and whine how someone else made you do something. Yes, there may be a few that join your bandwagon to blame another. But they are just as pathetic as you are. Everyone else just sees you and your choices and your actions as a pathetic attempt to bring others down. These bridges you are burning are going to come back to bite you in the ass. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day you will grow up and realize the only one to blame for your disastrous life is you.
    • Why the hurry?

      Why the hurry?

      1934 days ago
      I was20130105-211138.jpg talking with a young friend of mine today. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend because she was joining the military. He asked my opinion of his decision. I told him to have fun being a young adult. I got married at 20 and started a family at 21. I didn't really get to experience life til now. I told him to go to college, work and have fun without the pressure of being a boyfriend or husband. Date different people and not making the decision to get serious. I see so many young adults following the same path I traveled. Hurrying up and getting married and/or starting a family straight out of high school. And then within a year or so, their marriage/relationship falls apart and they are left raising a child on their own. I…
    • Gettin on da soap box again

      Gettin on da soap box again

      1446 days ago
      Up on my soap box. 20140509-001402.jpgMaybe it was the busy day I had or maybe it was the heat, but several things today have irritated me. 1- ok, I know the 300 girls kidnapped from whatever country and being held in whatever country is terrible. But what about the thousands of boys and girls that are missing from the United States? What about the women who are forced into prostitution by pimps? Where's the band wagon for them? 2-people on Facebook- "I will be deleting the next person who sends me a game request" BLOCK EACH AND EVERY GAME AND YOU WONT GET ANY MORE REQUESTS FROM THAT GAME. It won't stop them all, but it will cut it down drastically and you can just keep blocking those games instead of bitching about it. 3-I'm deleting my facebook because I'm tired of all the drama. You…

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