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    • How would you feel?

      How would you feel?

      2026 days ago
      How would you feel if:20130601-235420.jpg  
      • You pay for someone else's child to participate in an activity
      • You buy all equipment for said child to participate
      • You are willing to transport said child to all meetings of said activity.
      You do all that and the parents of said child tells you they will bring said child to the activity. At the time of the activity to start, child is not there. You call and text multiple times and no reply. Finally halfway through said activity, the parent finally texts back and says something came up. You think it was an emergency, and find out later it was swimming. Then at the next meeting of the activity, the parent again does not mention or suggest said child will not be there and doesn't show up. Hurting the other participants in the activity.
    • Lay the blame where it should be

      Lay the blame where it should be

      2348 days ago
      Here lately I've been seeing people blaming others for the choices they make. They just want an excuse to act like an ass and blame someone else. As Judge Joe Brown says "man up" stand tall and face your 20120714-222416.jpg consequences or be a freaking baby and bitch and whine how someone else made you do something. Yes, there may be a few that join your bandwagon to blame another. But they are just as pathetic as you are. Everyone else just sees you and your choices and your actions as a pathetic attempt to bring others down. These bridges you are burning are going to come back to bite you in the ass. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day you will grow up and realize the only one to blame for your disastrous life is you.
    • Why rush it?

      Why rush it?

      2030 days ago
      Ok, I am in20130529-084937.jpg contact with young men and women nearly every day and there is something I have noticed that is driving me crazy. It's a 4 letter word that it seems many young people can't live without. LOVE. I see people saying they love someone after just a few weeks or months. You can't know someone well enough to love them after such a short time. Love is like a replicating cell. It grows over time. It doesn't just grow to full sizes love overnight. It grows with time. And maturity. As a teenager or young adult you may think you are in love with him. But what you are in love with are the feelings that you get from him. Happy, horny, whatever. It takes time to learn someone. Why rush it? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Enjoy…
    • Vent time!!

      Vent time!!

      1933 days ago
      I have20130903-010310.jpg been on both sides of the counter when it comes to fast food service. If you look back you will find at least two rants about customers of fast food. So I guess you could call thesis rant 3. Why do people insist on looking down on fast food workers? If it wasn't for us lowly uneducated mass Reproducing morons, you would have to actually use your kitchen. Here are some blatant lies I've heard and been told about fast food workers.
      • Fast food workers are uneducated. WRONG. Nearly every single person that I work with has graduated high school. Most are currently attending college.
      • Fast food workers have no goals and flipping hamburgers are all they can achieve. WRONG currently I know of workers studying nursing, mechanical engineering, education, and mathematics.
      • Fast food workers are lazy. WRONG. We are so lazy that we…
    • Meghan’s speech to school board

      Meghan’s speech to school board

      2104 days ago
      My name is Meghan West and i am a 2010 graduate of Sullivan North High School. I would like to present to you another concern that the community has for the proposed rezoning option, asking in return that you, our elected board, allow more time on this matter. In the last several years, nearly every school in the bloomingdale community has been closed. Lynn view, gravely, cedar grove, Kingsley and Brookside. Ketron was changed to an intermediate school, then an elementary school. Sullivan north had 8th grade added, now it has 6, 7, and 8. I have many friends who have had to change schools several time because theirs kept getting closed. I myself was part of the first 8th grade class at sullivan north. The communities have all been thrown into chaos with the constant changes. Parents are taking…

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