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    • A letter to those involved

      A letter to those involved

      2113 days ago
      To whom it may concern20121107-025012.jpg I give up. I have fought for the last year to know why I could no longer coach. I now know why. It's not a good reason, but at least it's a reason. I poured my heart and soul into that league for 14 years. I worked every night for 3 hours opening the gym for practices Monday thru Friday. I was at the gym from 8am to 8pm every Saturday. I went to every Lynn garden lynx and bloomingdale raiders football games to sign up kids. I signed people up at north football games. I signed people up at my work. But all that is over. Now I am relegated to the stands to watch the league I helped grow. I don't have the strength to fight anymore. I loved my girls. I still do. I see them out…
    • You are blocked for a reason!!!

      You are blocked for a reason!!!

      2003 days ago
      Obviously 20120722-121007.jpghave a stalker. Anyone that visits this blog because they are so obsessed with me and what is going on with me is a pathetic excuse for a human. You are blocked from my Facebook for a reason. I want nothing to do with you and neither do my children. You can't deny it. You just stole a picture that was cropped on this blog and posted it on Facebook. Face it bitch, leave me the hell alone and stay away from my life. You want nothing to do with me and the feeling is mutual. If there was a way to block you from this bloG, I would. Why do you think no one in the family wants anything to do with you? The ones that will speak to you, do so out of respect for mom. So back the hell off!!!
    • Why rush it?

      Why rush it?

      1908 days ago
      Ok, I am in20130529-084937.jpg contact with young men and women nearly every day and there is something I have noticed that is driving me crazy. It's a 4 letter word that it seems many young people can't live without. LOVE. I see people saying they love someone after just a few weeks or months. You can't know someone well enough to love them after such a short time. Love is like a replicating cell. It grows over time. It doesn't just grow to full sizes love overnight. It grows with time. And maturity. As a teenager or young adult you may think you are in love with him. But what you are in love with are the feelings that you get from him. Happy, horny, whatever. It takes time to learn someone. Why rush it? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Enjoy…
    • Vent time!!

      Vent time!!

      1811 days ago
      I have20130903-010310.jpg been on both sides of the counter when it comes to fast food service. If you look back you will find at least two rants about customers of fast food. So I guess you could call thesis rant 3. Why do people insist on looking down on fast food workers? If it wasn't for us lowly uneducated mass Reproducing morons, you would have to actually use your kitchen. Here are some blatant lies I've heard and been told about fast food workers.
      • Fast food workers are uneducated. WRONG. Nearly every single person that I work with has graduated high school. Most are currently attending college.
      • Fast food workers have no goals and flipping hamburgers are all they can achieve. WRONG currently I know of workers studying nursing, mechanical engineering, education, and mathematics.
      • Fast food workers are lazy. WRONG. We are so lazy that we…
    • Don’t get pissed at me

      Don’t get pissed at me

      2132 days ago
      I did this20121017-014927.jpg a while back, and decided to update it. I have lots more to add now.
      1. Starbucks/McDonalds customers-people that go to those restaurants and always order a certain drink and then come to where I work and expect us to have the same drink. We don't carry the same things. We may have something similar, but we might. But I don't drink coffee, so don't get pissed at me if I dont have a clue as to what a mocha frappe skinny yadda yadda yadda is. You want that drink, go to where you know they carry it.
      2. Know what we have. If you order a chocolate glazed donut, then you will get a chocolate glazed donut. Don't get pissed at me if what you want is a chocolate frosted. Know what our names are or at least ask!!
      3. Diesal vehicles- please turn off…

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