SBXADHD and other unseen special needs

Written By: Kitten - Aug• 14•13

I haven’t20130814-234210.jpg gotten on my soap box in a while, and it’s time to get this off my chest. I am sick and tired of people saying that ADHD doesn’t exist and that parents are just lazy and want to dope their kids up so they will be quiet. My son has ADHD and is on medication and has been since he was 4. Could a doped up zombie win Mr. Touchdown awards several times in pee wee football? Could a doped up zombie take his baseball team to state? And more recently, cold a doped up zombie win Most Raider Pride for the senior superlatives? The answer is no. Heck, sometimes on medication I wish he would calm down. I don’t even want to think of him off it. I have been told that discipline will straighten him out. I have read that ADHD, bipolar, autism, and other unseen challenges existed for years and our ancestors never had to medicate. My reply is, you wouldn’t refuse to give a child medicine for a disease that affects their day to day lives. Why would you stop a child from taking ADHD med that helps them stay focused?

I believe I have ADD. Never have been diagnosed. But in all my research, I have learned that Adhd is carried by the mother. I have had all the symptoms growing up and still exhibit them. I wish there was a magic pill for me. I’d love to be more focused. (3537)

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