SBXSome people need a high five….to the face…with a 2 x 4!

Written By: Kitten - May• 25•12

A few things that20120722-115306.jpg piss me off and irritate the hell out of me almost on a daily basis.

  • Rude people-Its not my fault we dont carry the same kind of donut that they carry in Bismarck North Dakota! We are a franchise!
  • Perverts-There is no need to stare at my boobs or butt. They dont belong to you and you will never see them. Also, dont think I enjoy your stupid comments about them either.
  • Dumb Asses-If you ask a stupid question, be prepared for a stupid answer. ((Do you sell donuts? Do you sell coffee)) those are 2 of our most insane questions.
  • Morons-people that take 5 minutes at the drive thru speaker to order a donut
  • OMG if I hear “I want it made like they do at Starbucks/McDonalds” I will freaking lose it!! We arent them, I dont drink their drinks, I dont know what it is or how to make it.
  • Screaming kids and diesal vehicles in drive thru. Do you know how those noises make it almost impossible to hear you order?
  • Answer me the first time, I wont have to ask you twice.
  • Inconsiderate people-People who allow their children to make a huge mess or make messes themselves and dont even try to clean it up. Also the ones that move our tables and do not put them back.
  • People who dont listen!! They will ask what kind of munchkins we have. I name all flavors and then they ask for something I didnt say. I have to repeat the ones we do have.
  • People who wont take no for an answer! If I turn down your flirting once, twice or seven times, that means I’m not interested!!
  • Just because I smile and make eye contact, doesnt mean I’m flirting. It’s called good customer service.
  • People that give you a 50 or 100 five minutes after the store opens. Do you really think we have that much in change? Then they get upset that they have to wait while I go get change.
  • If a machine breaks down, there’s no reason to yell at me. I’m not a mechanic or Hermione Granger. I can’t wave a wand and fix it.
  • If we run out of something because we’ve been busy, how is getting mad going to make it better? Our baker can only bake so fast.
  • Unless you’re our husband, boyfriend or significant other, leaving stuff on our cars isnt cute…Its creepy.
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