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Written By: Kitten - Jun• 04•12

So many times.20120722-113436.jpg More than I can count, I have dropped everything to help someone out. I have changed my plans, because someone needed me. But only a handful of times, has the favor been returned. So I ask you to think about this:

  • someone worked for you, when you needed to be off
  • picked you up or took you somewhere
  • brought you something to eat
  • did something spontaneous without you asking them to

Did you thank them? Did you return the favor in someway? Or did you just forget about it? If you didnt repay them, will you be suprised that the next time you need a favor that the person says no? Will you get mad at them because they refuse?

I have had this very thing happen to me by different people. I try to let it go and not bother me. But after several times of not being paid back, I became bitter towards those people. It makes me think twice about doing things for them again.

When it’s time for you to leave work, can you in good faith, leave knowing things need to be done? Can you leave them for your coworkers to do and not feel bad about it? I can’t. I can’t leave my job knowing that there are things that I could have done and didn’t. I have stayed over just to be sure they are done. Maybe its just me or the way I was raised. But I want to leave my job the way it was when I got there that morning. If it’s not, I dont feel right.

I hate going to grocery stores or walmart on the first of the month. If I can avoid it I will. A few days ago I was at walmart and stood and people watched for a few minutes. I was irritated by what I saw. I saw shopping carts full of junk food and soda, paid for with food stamps. When I go shopping, almost everything I buy is store brand. And very little if any is junk food. Once in a while I will splurge and buy something like that. But come on, a whole buggy full? No wonder so many people are overweight. I only get a small amout of assistance and I stretch it and make it last the whole month. But ya know, I WORK FOR IT! I dont sit at home watching soap operas and eating twinkies. I get up every day and clock in every day. Yeah, my job is not as hard as many. But its a job. I earn my paycheck. (2964)

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