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Written By: Kitten - Mar• 29•15

So I feel like I’m being stalked again. I just dont understand how I can pretty much erase someone from my life, and they still do what they can do know what’s going on in my life. Why do they feel like I am the center of their world? I do not go to their facebook or have others do it. I do not ask family members or ex family members how they are doing or what they are doing. I just don’t get it. We cut all ties several years go and i have been very happy ever since.

Taking the family tree and cutting a branch off was the most relieving thing I think I’ve ever done. I no longer lived in the shade of the branch. I discarded the branch and my family tree grew and grew and became healthy once again. The branch that was cut off, continued trying to slither. It’s way back up the tree and infect the rest of the branches once again.

But this time, there was a magical ring completely around the tree. Protecting it from the evil that was trying to infect it once again. The evil branch was only able to barely reach a couple branches. Those branches tolerated the evil branch, just to keep things civil. While the rest of the branches thrived on, without giving the missing branch a second thoughT. (1855)

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