AAF23Taken for granted…..

Written By: Kitten - Dec• 23•12

It’s the20121226-102238.jpg day before Christmas Eve and I had to take my baby back to Virginia. I was looking thru the newsfeed on Facebook and saw so many people complaining about their significant other. Don’t take them for granted. What if you woke up tomorrow and your loved one was gone and you didn’t know when you would see them again? Do you realize just how much it hurts having to say goodbye for the millionth time? Do you know what I would give to have him be able to spend more time with me? Its Christmas and all around I see people happy and appreciating each other. But I also see the other side. I see grumbling. I see people taking their anger out on innocent people. Don’t take their silence for granted. You may need that persons help tomorrow and they will remember how you treated them today. And if someone does forgive you for something you have done to them, don’t take for granted that they trust you. Once that trust is broke, it takes a long time to earn it back.

Dont take life or love for granted. (1856)

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