AAF23The mask

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 22•14

I wear a mask.IMG_3793.JPG A mask of a smile. A mask to hide the fear. A mask to hide the pain. People don’t want to hear the bad things. They want to enjoy the good times and dont want to be bummed out with your troubles. So I hide my fear. I hide the fact Im petrified Of what the next phone call will bring. I know some may call me a hypochondriac. Or that I exaggerate my illness. I only wish that was true. I wish I didn’t hurt. I wish I didn’t have to take a handful of medicine every day. I’ve tried to not take the medication. But without it, the pain and sickness multiplies. So I have to follow what the dr says. Cat scans, endoscopy and colonoscopy are all in my near future. And today I get a call concerning some lab results. extremely low blood sugar and another test that was really low. What does this mean? What the hell is going on with my body!? (1209)

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