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Written By: Kitten - Oct• 30•13

Having20131031-010842.jpg a hard time falling asleep. My mind is filled with thoughts of that boy that died during football practice at my former high school. I’ve heard of athletes dying at other schools, but they never really affected me. But having it happen at the place I call home is major reality check. We are not immortal and no one is immune to death. My son plays his last home football game this Friday And I’m scard to death. Just thinking of something like that happening at my second home is petrifying me. On a Trojan always a Trojan. There are alumni from across the world changing their facebook picture to a Trojan in honor and memory of this child. I didn’t know the boy or his family. But I feel like it’s a family loss. Between the sadness of my sons season coming to a final end and thinking of the people back hone experiencing the extreme sadness, I can’t stop the tears. I just want to hold my kids tight and never let go. I need my family. I’m going home for thanksgiving. I am going to see my family and as many friends as I can. (792)

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