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Written By: Kitten - Feb• 08•13

I talked to someone tonight. Actually 2 people. I haven’t seen  in over 2 years. Since I lost my coaching position. They asked me why I wasn’t coaching, so I proceeded to tell them “I am not a good role model for little girls, because I wanted to be happy and got a divorce” they looked at me with this dumbfounded look. The man asked “but your ex is still involved in this league, isn’t he?” I said yes, good old double standard. This person has been around sports for many years. Not just rec league but high school and college as well. And to hear him say “well thats just stupid”  meant a lot.

I do miss coaching. And I miss my girls. Meghan is going to see about coaching softball and asked if I would help her. I said, well find a league I haven’t been fired from. Lol. Tonight, I found myself  sorta coaching. Just trying to get some organization going. This is definitely not the same training league I ran.  For one thing, they don’t insist the players at least attempt to dribble, they don’t penalize the players when they start slapping. Meghan‘s players started not wanting to go out there because some of the kids were slapping. That was not permitted when I ran the league. Non-players were running onto the court during the game and nothing was said. It was total chaos. Since there are no bleachers, just folding chairs, it’s really crowded. I can’t take crowds.

But, at least I got to take pictures of my daughters team playing, without getting into trouble . (13549)

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