Written By: Kitten - Feb• 24•13

For a couple years20130224-223159.jpg now, I have told people I had a stalker. Although they never said anything, I know they doubted me. I knew my stalker was somehow seeing my Facebook and reading my blog. Well, day before yesterday, my stalker showed herself by posting on my blog. She proved to everyone that she is the one stalking me and Jeff. Not the other way around. I have had her blocked frm my face book for almost 2 years. But she was still on Jeff‘s and Meghan‘s, but she has blocked both of them. I guess to keep me from seeing her profile. Not like I went to hers anyway. So now should she reply to any of my posts, I won’t see any of them. Neither will Meghan and Jeff. But I am vindicated. I have shown that I was right all along.

I am so happy with my life right now. I have the love of my life. My true soulmate and my best friend. between us, we have 4 great kids who are happy that we are in love. I have the love of my family. Sister and cousins. Friends from here and back home.

I have started a new job and it is really great. Learning every day. (3876)

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