AAF23Week of August 30

Written By: Kitten - Aug• 30•12

This week has20120831-191949.jpg been fantastic. First I was expecting Jeff on Monday afternoon. He was coming in after he got off work, and he wasn’t supposed to get off work til Sunday. Anyways on Saturday, I was at work and my friend came back and said there was an irate customer up front. My first thought was, oh crap, just what I needed. So I went up front and didn’t see anyone, so I stepped out into the dining room, and there was Jeff. Talk about shock. I got 2 extra days to spend with my baby. Meghan came over on Sunday and went with us to the hospital on Monday. I had the surgery and then went home that afternoon. Spent most of the day in bed. Kris came over on Wed. Her and Meghan ended up going out that night. Doing things that young women do. I loved this week. Just hanging out in the livingroom watching tv and talking. Man, I love my family. (2123)

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