AAF23What are my fondest dreams? What do I want?

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 25•14

If you had asked 20140129-233833.jpgme this question ten years ago, the only thing I would have said was to have Jeff back in my life. Now I have him and I try to think what I dream off. What I need, what I want. Two of the top things I want and will have someday is

1-a tummy tuck. Jeff has promised me that I will have one this year. Some people have asked me why I want one. They don’t see the large amount of flab that I have to lug around every day. If it wasn’t for that flab, I wouldn’t have to wear pants or skirts that were two sizes bigger. When I try to wear tighter clothes, the pressure causes intense stomach cramps. I can’t wear fitted clothes without seeing this huge bulge. I’m very self conscious about it and don’t like people to see it.

2-move back to new kent. I will one day.

i want to go back to school and yet I don’t know why. Photography? Computers? Teaching? (1887)

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