AAF23What does being “in love” really mean? What is love?

Written By: Kitten - May• 26•12

What does being in20120722-115154.jpg love mean? Is it liking someone one day, saying I love you the next, then I hate you the next? Is that what love is? People, especially young people, throw that word around like confetti. I have seen so many times on FB, people posting “I love him/her, He/she is my soul mate. We will be together forever” then the next week, they chang their status to single. I mean, shouldn’t the word love mean something more? I used to think that it was just a word. That people use that word to get something from you. I thought love was a useless feeling that no one really understood. Until the last couple years. At the age of 41 I discovered that the word love did mean something. I found out what it really feels like to be in love. I found out how a man is supposed to treat his lady. It wasnt easy. My baby had a hard time pulling me out of my shell. He had to make me see how I really was, and how I had changed since he first met me. He makes sure I have everything I need. If there is something I want, we save up for it. He helps me manage finances and helps me remember things. He made me see how cynical I had become. I truly know what love feels like and how it feels to be loved. (12843)

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