AAF23Why bother?

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 27•13

Sometimes20130127-220022.jpg I wonder why I bother to share things that happen to me or around me sometimes. Like if I’m having something health wise going on, a lot of times I get told its all in my head, or I’m exaggerating, or just deal with it. It aggravates me. Sometimes I just need someone to listen. I don’t need to me told that its cause I did this or because I did that. It makes me want to stop trying to share things. Just keep it to myself. Like when I got my doctor to send me for a hearing test. I can’t hear at work or in other noisy situations. Especially if I have the headset on. But the doctor basically said it was all in my head and my hearing was normal. Well, of course it was normal. I was in a quiet sound proof room. Of course I could hear every thing. For years, I kept trying to get someone to listen to me about my gall bladder. It wasn’t til last year I got a doctor who listened and a surgeon who listened. And I was right. My gall bladder was diseased. And now I’m having issues with my elbow, neck and still dealing with stomach issues. And many times I get the feeling that people think I am just trying to get attention. I wish that was all it was. Guess I just won’t tell people any more of my health issues. Just tired of feeling like I’m stupid.

The doctor and others said I had selective hearing. Wouldn’t to select to be able to hear customers? I just don’t know who or what is acceptable to share, so guess I just won’t, (1969)

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