AAF23Why I am who I am.

Written By: Kitten - May• 20•12

Are some people20120722-121121.jpg born hateful and rude? Or does life make them like that? Why do they insist on making those around them dispise them? I know of several people who must be lead miserable lives, because everytime I see them, they are going out of their way to be rude. I know of some people that thrive on dispair and causing drama around them. They choose a target and if that target is unavailble, they will find another one. I myself have been the victim of a bully who chose to try to make my life a living hell. But after many years, I finally decided NO MORE. I stood up for myself. I stopped kissing ass just to make life easy for everyone else, meanwhile I was making it worse for myself. Once I started standing up for myself, I found out who my true friends were. I found family who became best friends. I also discovered family who became bitter enemies. I decided to no longer let this persons poison dictate who I was or who I will be. Things were not easy once I made this choice. I lost someone close to me when I decided not to put up with this. This person belittled me and made me feel inferior for many years. Even when it sounded like this person was complimenting me, they were actually insulting me. “That dress would look great on you if you would lose a few pounds” I could have weighed 100 lbs and would have still felt fat. After a while, I began to believe it. I was fat. I stopped wearing makeup or worrying about my hair. A pony tail was good enough. I ate and drank alcohol to kill the loneliness inside. I balooned up to my highest weight ever. Even more than I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant. Who knows how far I would have gone? But luckily Prince Charming was waiting around the bend. My prince charming, I have known since I was 13 years old. We were friends. We also “went steady” off and on thru the years. After 20 years, my marriage had fallen apart. I reconnected with my prince charming. Unknown to me, he had also separated from his wife. Thru emails, texts and phone calls, we found our old feelings. They began to grown again. They bloomed like wildfire. He forced me to realize just how far I had let myself go. He got me to give up the alcohol. He got me to care about my looks again. I started to lose weight. I began to smile again. I was happy. He makes me happy. He made me see the lies I was told for years. I was not fat. He showed me how to wear clothes to disquise certain parts of my body that needed to be disquised. He helped me improve my self image. My cousins, siblings, mom, and my kids all love him. I love his mom and kids. My life has been so glorious since getting back with my prince charming. (2753)

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