SBXWhy rush it?

Written By: Kitten - May• 28•13

Ok, I am in20130529-084937.jpg contact with young men and women nearly every day and there is something I have noticed that is driving me crazy. It’s a 4 letter word that it seems many young people can’t live without. LOVE. I see people saying they love someone after just a few weeks or months. You can’t know someone well enough to love them after such a short time. Love is like a replicating cell. It grows over time. It doesn’t just grow to full sizes love overnight. It grows with time. And maturity. As a teenager or young adult you may think you are in love with him. But what you are in love with are the feelings that you get from him. Happy, horny, whatever. It takes time to learn someone. Why rush it? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the view. Sample the different things on the menu. Why settle on one entree for the rest of your life when you are so young? You hardly know what you like. I think that’s a big reason why half of all marriages end in divorce. People rush it and get married too early. Before they have matured. Before they know what it really is they want.

I met my soul mate in high school. Neither of us knew what we wanted. At the time, we thought that what we wanted, was something different than what we had. We didn’t marry after high school. In fact, we totally lost contact for about 10 years or so. We reconnected, but were both married to others. So we rebuilt our friendship via the Internet. After 23 years, we were both available again. But even then, we took it super slow. We just let what happen happen. Didn’t rush it. I was asked shortly after my divorce if I thought I was rushing things. I told that person we had waited 23 years and would be waiting at least 2 more before taking any further steps in our relationship. It took that long for us to really know what we wanted.

I can only hope that once my children find someone they want to spend time with, they will take it slow and not rush anything. (1589)

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