SBXWhy the hurry?

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 05•13

I was20130105-211138.jpg talking with a young friend of mine today. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend because she was joining the military. He asked my opinion of his decision.

I told him to have fun being a young adult. I got married at 20 and started a family at 21. I didn’t really get to experience life til now. I told him to go to college, work and have fun without the pressure of being a boyfriend or husband. Date different people and not making the decision to get serious.

I see so many young adults following the same path I traveled. Hurrying up and getting married and/or starting a family straight out of high school. And then within a year or so, their marriage/relationship falls apart and they are left raising a child on their own.

I advised my friend to enjoy life. Use protection so a child won’t be a part of the picture until he is ready for one. I see a lot of girls having multiple babies with multiple fathers. The girls are looking for someone to love them and they think by getting pregnant they will keep a guy and make him stay. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but unless a guy really wants to stay, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have by him, when he wants to leave, he will. Stop and think about how strong your relationship is before putting a child in the mix. I see some young women, who don’t feel like their life is complete if they don’t have a boyfriend. They don’t think they can be happy without a guy.

Girls, get a freaking backbone and make yourself happy. Don’t depend on anyone for your own happiness. (1627)

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