Written By: Kitten - Jun• 13•12

Why do so many women20120722-112735.jpg and girls think they have to have a man by their side at all times or they arent complete? It drives me nuts hearing girls say they will just die if they dont find a boyfriend. Yes, I am with the man I am meant to be with. And yes, I would go insane without him, but I didnt find out what love really was til I was 41 years old. Teenagers and young adults THINK they know and they will argue til they are blue in the face that they do know. But they dont. They think because a guy pays attention to them or buys them nice things, then the guy loves them. But as soon as another girl turns their head, they are gone. And the girl is left to pick up the pieces. Parents need to teach their daughters that they dont need a man. They can make themselves happy. They got to figure out who they are before they can really know what love is. (3085)

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