SBXWilling to fight

Written By: Kitten - Mar• 03•13

Tomorrow is a school20130303-201228.jpg board meeting. they plan on discussing school consolidations. We can’t sit back and let them move our kids across town and combine them with another school. Our high school kids have earned the right to be at their school. The ones that play sports have earned their position. If you move them, the north kids won’t have a snowball chance in hell of being able to play in place of a south athlete. Is sullivan countyy going to reimburse those of us that have already purchased class rings and letter jackets with sullivan north on them?

We as parents and as a community have got to stick together and fight for our kids. If you sit back and don’t go to the meeting, then you have absolutely nothing to complain about. If you aren’t willing to fight, and just want to let them destroy our community, go ahead and take your child to another zone now. You aren’t a true raider. I plan on fighting until the day they lock Norths doors.

My son attended city schools for two years. They did not give him one on one attention he needed. They did not follow the suggestions that were given to them to help my son succeed. I moved my son back to north in the 8th grade and he went up to the a/b honor roll. Because the north teachers took the time to figure out how to help my son. This will not happen in an over crowded school. He and many other special needs students will fall thru the cracks.


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