AAF23WritingsYou can’t protect them forever

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 11•13

You bring your20130917-000936.jpg child into the world. You want to protect them from all the evil in the world. You baby proof your home. You buy the best car seat. You make sure you choose the right doctors. You choose the right schools. You do everything to keep them safe. You make them wear bicycle helmets. You teach them right from wrong. You teach them that there are consequences to bad behavior. But you can’t protect them from everything.

You can’t protect them from cliques. You can’t protect them from broken hearts. You can only be there to help them put it back together. You can’t wrap them in bubble wrap to keep the world away. All you can do is help prepare them to learn how to stand on their own.

The only thing you can really do to help your child succeed in life, is to give them a good solid foundation on which to build themselves. If you give them a rocky and unsteady foundation, anything they build will crumble.

Teach them how to say no. Don’t just tell them to say it. Teach them about sex. Don’t just let them learn it from their friends. Don’t just tell them to say no to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Show them the dangers. Have open lines of communication. Let your children know they can talk to you about anything, without fear of you getting mad. No matter how uncomfortable the topic, be willing to listen. Let your child know that if they are out with friends, and that friend is not in any shape to drive, they can call you to pick them up. No matter the day or night! (1526)

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