SBXYou don’t know who to trust

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 16•12


Rant 1-i hate snitches and spies. People who are acting like they are your friend and instead they are just takin notes to tattle to others.And if they don’t have anything to tattle, they make shit up!!! I mean, come on. Is this elementary school? Just because someone is more loved than you, you have to try to destroy their lives? It’s gotten to the point where a few select few are keeping everything amongst themselves, because we don’t know who is running their mouths but people are finding out things that they shouldn’t have found out. Not only that lies are being told about things that never happened. I have found out that I supposedly said things about a friend that I didn’t. Luckily, that friend believes me that I didn’t say any of those things. But you know what? Karmas a bitch. You will get yours and we will find out who the bitchy snitch is.

Rant 2-more and more lately, I find parents choosingthemselves over their children. Drugs, alcohol or lovers are given precedence over their own flesh and blood! If you want to party and all that, don’t have kids!!!

Rant 3- unless you are playing golf, sports are supposed to be loud to cheer on the players. Not supposed to be so quiet catching you are in a library. (1615)

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